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We’ll help you knock out college credits by helping you ace AP tests that save you money, time, and effort in the long run. Our tutors have earned high scores in a diverse array of AP tests and are familiar with the structure, content, and strategies associated with various AP tests


Work with us to earn your GED to pursue new career oppurtunities, higher education, and more! Our tutors are familiar with the high school academic content associated with the GED tests


With some of our tutors having taken and passed the Adobe Certified Professional, Microsoft Technology Associate, and Microsoft Office Specialist, AFOQT, food handlers’ and more exams, we can help you achieve your goals to take the next step forward in your career.


With this being the first major standardized exam your son or daughter will encounter, we want to be the ones to give them confidence going into the exam. Not only that, but it can be a great return on investment, as many of the Catholic high schools offer merit scholarships based on the student’s performance on this exam!


We offer ACT/SAT prep services to make sure you are prepared and confident on test day. Our tutors are experienced and prepared to help with all sections of the test, and are well versed in strategies to maximize your score and reach your goals


With midterms, finals, regents, and comprehensive exams having such a large impact on your child’s GPA, make sure he or she is getting help from the best. Our tutors, and the resources they use are top-notch, often utilizing previously administered and released exams to ensure there are no surprises on test day.

Core Subjects







U.S. History

World History

Foreign Languages


We also offer college admissions consulting, with our tutors having been admitted to Harvard, Duke, Notre Dame, and other prestigious schools. The "college process" that spans junior and senior year of high school is one that is increasingly stressful, competitive, and influential on one's future. Don't go through it alone, as we have tutors ready to read your essays and applications, as well as provide consultation on any aspect of the process from touring schools to deciding on where to ultimately attend.

Our Amazing Team

Every member of our team is experienced, committed, and ready to help you achieve your goals

Daniel Hepworth

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Tutor

Dan is our founder and both willing and able to help you with whatever you need. He’s been here from the beginning to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Read More about Daniel

Dan Annunziato

Chief Operating Officer, Tutor

Dan is a Massapequa native and Chaminade graduate, currently studying in the Physician Assistant program at Hofstra University. His favorite subjects to tutor are Spanish and Math.

Read More about Dan

Jimmy Xiao

Chief Technology Officer, Tutor

A current sophomore at Duke University, Jimmy takes pride in the pursuit of knowledge and learning. He spends his time outdoors, where he enjoys mountain biking and hiking.

Read More about Jimmy

Thomas McManus


Tommy is a senior at Chaminade from Lynbrook. A big fan of basketball, Tommy is on the Varsity Basketball team at Chaminade. His favorite subject is Spanish-- read more for a fun fact about his knowledge of Spanish!

Read More about Thomas

Liam Brown


Liam is a senior at Chaminade from Wantagh. He is the captain of the football team, and is also on the Wrestling team. He is looking to pursue a career in medicine.

Read More about Liam

Zach Formes


Zach is from Massapequa Park currently attending Massapequa High School. There he is enrolled in several AP courses and volunteers his time to help special needs students. He is interested in a career in business.

Read More about Zach

Tom Daly


A current sophomore at Notre Dame, Tom has been an entrepreneur since middle school. In addition to his passion for business, he is interested in the Chinese culture and will be studying abroad there in the near future. Chinese is his favorite subject to tutor.

Read More about Tom

Thomas Curan


Thomas Curan is currently a senior at Wantagh High School from Wantagh. He tutors SAT Math, Algebra 2, and science, especially Earth Science and Chemistry.

Read More about Thomas

Steven Brunetti


Steven is a senior at Chaminade High School from Kings Park. He tutors Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, Physics, U.S. History, World History, Math, and ACT.

Read More about Steven

Sean Harrington


Sean is from Massapequa, currently attending Chaminade High School. He is heavily involved in the musical programs at Chaminade, as he is a member of the orchestra. The time he spent volunteering as a peer tutor in high school made him realize his love for helping fellow students.

Read More about Sean

Sarah Benedict


Sarah, a senior at Massapequa HS, is absolutely in love with languages, music, and meeting new people. She is most excited to tutor Math and French.

Read More about Sarah

Nino Della Porta


Nino Della Porta is a senior at Massapequa High School from Massapequa Park. He tutors Physics I, Physics II, and United States History.

Read More about Nino

Meghan Brady-Fuschman


Meghan is a senior at St. Anthony's High School from Huntington. Next year, she will be studying public policy at Cornell University.

Read More about Meghan

Matthew Wang


Matthew, a Valley Stream resident, currently attends Chaminade. He enjoys playing violin in several orchestras in and outside of school. He also plans to go to medical school to become a doctor.

Read More about Matthew

Matthew Rettinger


Matthew Rettinger is a junior at Chaminade High School from Floral Park. He wants to study business, finance, or economics in college.

Read More about Matthew

Matt Malerba


Matt Malerba is a senior at Chaminade High School from Hicksville. His favorite subject to tutor are math and Spanish.

Read More about Matt

Keith Reardon


Keith Reardon is a junior at Chaminade High School from Lynbrook. He is interested in tutoring math and biology.

Read More about Keith

Kaitlyn O'Brien


Kaitlyn is a junior at Massapequa High School from Massapequa Park. Her favorite subject to tutor is Algebra II.

Read More about Kaitlyn

Julia Lawless


Julia Lawless is a junior at Sacred Heart Academy. Her favorite subjects are favorite subjects in school are math, chemistry, Italian, and music theory.

Read More about Julia

Joseph Nolan


Joe, a Massapequa native, is a rising senior at Chaminade. In his free time, he could be found golfing and snowboarding. His favorite subjects to tutor are Biology and Chemistry.

Read More about Joseph

James London


James London is from New Hyde Park and East Northport and is currently a senior at Chaminade High School.

Read More about James

Jack Riordan


Jack is a senior at Chaminade High School from Williston Park. He tutors Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, US History, World History, US History, and Chinese.

Read More about Jack

Jack O'Sullivan


Jack is from Mineola currently attending Chaminade H.S. He has a passion for learning, as he loves math, latin, and reading. Jack is also very excited to be tutoring, as he loves helping his fellow students.

Read More about Jack

Jack Neary


Jack is a senior at Chaminade High School from Massapequa. He is available to tutor SAT, Algebra, Trigonometry, Spanish I, Spanish II, and Christian Humanism.

Read More about Jack

Emily Fiola


Emily Fiola is a junior at Massapequa High School. Her favorite subjects are algebra, biology, and social studies.

Read More about Emily

Dean Taylor


Dean is a junior at Chaminade high school and resides in Franklin Square. He has a passion for the sciences. Aside from that, he has a passion for learning and loves broadening the scope of his knowledge in numerous of areas.

Read More about Dean

Blaise Yacoobi


Blaise, a Massapequa resident, is a current senior at Chaminade High School. His favorite subjects to tutor are Biology and Spanish.

Read More about Blaise

Ben Reitzel


Ben is currently a senior at Chaminade High School and a lifelong resident of Bay Shore. He teaches 5th graders religion after school and is a member of the golf team.

Read More about Ben

Anthony Gazzola


Anthony is a senior at Massapequa High School. An avid sports fan, Anthony is almost always either playing or watching baseball or basketball. He hopes to study sports management in college.

Read More about Anthony

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